Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I didn't start off this day in a good mood, but luckily it picked up. After my health test I went to Harrington to give Marlene my digital camera so somebody could take pictures of her doing her square dance calling. I can't wait to see that video. She got off work at 10:30am and I started to walk her to her class. On the way we ran into Lynn and started talking to him since Marlene didn't want me to follow her to her class. DeAndre and Kendall came up and we stayed outside Rudder talking for awhile. Went to see Becky and ask if there was any work coming up. I need to go back friday and check again. After that we went back outside to talk and joke around some more. It was relaxing just standing around chillin, talkin to and about people passing by, enjoying the weather while it's nice. About 11:30am I came back to the commons to get some food. Spanish was good even though I started dozing off near the end. Now for my bed.
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