Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I've been up for over 26 hours and counting. I hadn't stayed up for over 24 hours straight since last school year. I got to work this morning at 5:30am and it was fun at first. For some reason I was just hyper. I was singing and dancing all over the stage. Time went very slowly though. They fed us donuts and juice around 8:30am and after I got some food in me my energy level DROPPED. I did a complete one eighty from being very hyper to barely being able to stay awake. But I kept going. We put down a hard wood floor for them. It seemed easy enough at first, but then we had to go back and drill in I don't know how many screws. We took an early lunch around 11am, but I wasn't that hungry so I only ate about half of my food. After lunch the time went even slower. We finally finished up around 3:15 or so. I came back to my room and changed and for some reason went to the rec. I did my upperbody pull workout and a lower body workout. I was dying at the end of my workout. I tried to stand and watch some of the basketball games going on after my workout, but I got a sick feeling in my stomach and got light headed so I went to sit down for a little while. Then I got the chills so I stayed longer. Finally I had to get up and leave. I went to the commons and got a smoothie and some food. I hurried to eat my food then I got a quick shower, changed into all black and headed back to work. I helped clean the floor then we had a little free time before the show started. Nancy was studying for a test so I let her explain abnormal psycology to me so she could review. It was very interesting, so it's too bad that I was too tired to remember any of it. I was about an inch off on the first prop we took on stage, which was perfectly fine, but I still wanted it to be perfect. And the rest of the props I put on stage were perfect. It was a little competition between the side I was on and the other side to see who could remove their stairs from stage the quickest. Of course my side won that. We finished with what we had to do around 9:30pm, but I stuck around until the play ended around 10pm. Now I NEED to go to sleep, but I'm not really that tired. I think I"ll eat first.
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