Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My mood picked up once I found out that I could get Who Is Mike Jones. My day has been much better ever since then. My classes were pretty good today. Nothing I could complain about. I went to a few different professors office hours to try to get my schedule straight. I still need to see one more lady, but it's all good. I got a lot worked out with my schedule with Monica's help. But I still need to finalize it.

I've gotten my motivation back for now and hopefully it'll carry me through the end of this semester. I'm trying again, so lets see what I can accomplish.
Im glad that that rap album helped improve your mood..Yeaah, youre happy again..Im sad when ure sad...I hope that your mood stays the current way it is, happy, that is..Take Care. Good luck with the rest of your semester..SMILE, please :) ..peace
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