Thursday, April 07, 2005

The plan was to get off work then crash. But no, I was hungry so I ordered a burger and fries. I ate that then didn't feel like sleeping so I went to shoot pool with Kym. I impressed myself with some of the shots I hit. Everything was going good until the plans quickly changed and we rushed to take a friend to the hospital because of kidney stones. She was in the SCC and couldn't walk so I carried her back to the commons where we met Ofon. We got to the hospital and of course the emergency room was slow as usual. They finally took her in and ran some tests. We didn't get the results until about 6am and after that Ofon and I headed back to the dorm while Kym stayed. I got McDonalds breakfast, which I've missed. I've been up for around 35 hours now. Why? I'm just stupid, that's why.
You are not stupid in any way whatsover. So please stop thinking that..After work you need to get some rest, some REAL REST, please. I hope the young lady is doing well and is in recovery..take care.
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