Friday, April 15, 2005

Somehow I made myself get up at 8am. Well I layed in bed until 8:30am and then got up and got ready. Luckily I had time to get breakfast. Then I caught a cab to the greyhound station. I'm kind of glad I caught a cab and didn't have somebody take me, because I don't think anybody I know knew that the greyhound station had moved. Oh well, I got to the station and as always you see and sometimes get to know stuff about some interesting/crazy people. The bus ride wasn't bad. I just text messaged people the whole way to occupy my time. I got into Houston and got some food from McDonalds before catching the light rail home. haha, I remember saying I was going to ride the light rail the first day it opened, yet this was my first time actually on it. Now I'm home and it feels good. Time to relax.
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