Friday, April 08, 2005

Went to work at 6pm and was planning on getting off at 2am, but soon found out that we'd ahve to stay later because we had to hang curtains and set up stuff for tomorrow. I hadn't eaten all day, but luckily Marlene was able to bring me a couple lunchables. It wouldn't have mattered so much if I had've gotten off at 2am, because then I could still order something. Anywho, work was good. I actually watched most of the show today and it was pretty good. Impressive since I've always loved and wanted to be able to tap dance. The load out seemed to go slow. I'm not sure why. The floor came up quicker than I thought it would, but that's also because it was more than twice as many people working on it then when we put it down. We finished loading their trucks a little after 2am and spent the next hour hanging lights and curtains for tomorrow. Oh well, more money right?
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