Sunday, May 22, 2005

After a little while of being bored yesterday, I headed over to Q's and we went to this little place over by McGregor Park and each got a couple fish dinners. It was good and cheap. I'll have to go back sometime. We chilled at his house and for some reason watched Torque, even though that's a terrible movie. We finally decided to just hit up AMC 30. We rode over to the northside and picked up Mandy. She ended up staying right down the street from Greg. We were going to pick him up, but he wasn't home. We got to AMC 30 and wanted to see Crash, but it was only 3 seats left so we went to Sonic and waited to see Kingdom of Heaven. It was good and with Mandy it's always plenty of laughs. We dropped her off then I took Q home. I got home a little after 2am. I was tired, but didn't feel like going to sleep. I finally went to sleep around 5am when Marlon was waking up to go to work. I'm up now and will probably go workout in a little bit. Hopefully I'll actually eat breakfast today.
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