Monday, May 02, 2005

Anybody who knows me knows that the majority of the time I won't blame the refs for the outcome of a game, but tonight the refs definately played a major part in the Rockets loss. But Yao's no freethrow shooting self, 4 missed layups and a lack of aggression also helped. And TMac just played soft. Before game 6 and all during it I'll have I'm From Houston on replay. Maybe it'll help somehow.
happy birthday :D :D :D -rose
HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY MATTHEW. May your wishes come true. Believe.
man, yao's no-free-throw-making-self really pissed me off too. in the 20 minutes i managed to watch, he did make 1 really nice block though. ... yeah, he needs to step it up more consistently. they all kinda do.

we can win this, guys!
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