Monday, May 16, 2005

I dropped Marlene off at the doctor around 2pm then came back and filled out my application for Pei Wei. When I went to pick her up I dropped my application off. I have to go back tomorrow at 2pm for my interview. After that we stopped by the bowling alley and I got an application for there. It sucks because my lifeguard training expires this wednesday so as of now I can't get that job at the Houstonian. We went to pick my momma up from Pershing and helped her with grades some. I went down to the car and thought they would be down shortly after me, but I was down there for about 30 minutes just blasting music in the parking lot. But it was fun. I got home and changed and met up with Q at 24. Operation get back in shape has begun. We did abs, lower back, hamstrings, and a little cardio on the bikes while waiting for Ding. He finally showed up around 7pm and we did a pull workout. My back should be nice and sore tomorrow. But it'll be a good feeling. It's been a good day, I hope that carries over into tonight.
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