Saturday, May 07, 2005

I finally get to be center stage,
This is big shot.
I'm as nervous as one can be.
Will they like me or not?

Why can't I be like the birds of the air?
That way I can go anywhere I please.
Or maybe a fish in the ocean,
So I can travel the 7 seas.
I want to be like Ali in his prime,
The greatest at what I do.
Jordan in the clutch,
You can count on me coming through.
I wanna win every game,
So everyone will know I'm the best.
Because if I lose...
I get mixed in with the rest.
I wanna stand out.
I wanna stand above the crowd.
I wanna stand tall.
I wanna stand proud.
The best grades have to be mine.
The most money has to come to me.
I can't come in 2nd place,
That's not good enough for what I want to be.
I set such high standards for myself.
So high I can never reach em.
Back to the earth I fall,
Just to be another him...
I stop trying,
If I can't be the best then why try at all.
I always just set myself up again,
For another dissappointing fall.

Escape reality,
That's what I'm trying to do.
To think I can be the best at everything,
I must just be a dumb fool.
But I have to compete,
Life IS a game.
There were meant to be winners and losers,
Everybody can't be the same.
Why do I compete with everybody?
Especially when they're not competing with me.
I guess you could trace it all back to my pride,
I need to get rid of some of it, see?
Pride will be my downfall,
Unless I change my ways.
I need to stop just hearing the wise people,
And actually listen to what they say.
Afterall...I don't HAVE to be the best,
Not even in the top 10.
It can't always be about winning and losing,
Because I can't always win.
Nobody else is playing the game of my life,
Therefore I can just be myself.
And worry about the things that really matter,
Like happiness and health.
So MAYBE tomorrow...
I'll just go out and have fun.
Be myself and not worry what others think,
THEN I will have won.
I'll be the best me I can be,
Do what nobody else can.
Be the greatest me of all time,
Because nobody can be who I am.
Thats beautiful. That sincerely brought tears to my eyes and made me think. -tas
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