Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I got to sleep in some today. I got up and ended up going to hoop wit Pu at 24. I need a lot more endurance before the rec league starts. But I could see signs of the old me showing up. After that I went to pick up Marlon. I got some egg rolls for my first sort of meal of the day. I gotta fix that. I went back to 24 to workout with Q. My lower back wants to kill me, but it'll thank me later. Gotta get BIG. Came home to watch Alias. sooooooo many twists.
I want to watch alias =(
oh man, i DIED laughing when irina and jack were talking in the office. that was the best scene everrr!

"of all the things you've done, _that's_ what you're going to apologize for?"

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