Monday, May 09, 2005

I learned about as much as I could with the time I had. We left around 7am to take my momma to work and then I got breakfast from Chick-Fil-A and Marlene got breakfast from Robek's. After that we headed back to college station. Marlene quizzed me on the vocabulary some more so I could hear the words being spoken. We got in around 9:30am and I dropped my stuff off then we parked in the northgate garage since it's only $2/day there. I stayed in Marlene's room until my spanish final at 10:30am. It was long and hard, but studying the vocabulary seemed to pay off so I'm sure I did okay. I had a little extra time to kill before my sociology final at 1pm so I went to Harrington to and hung out with Katherine and Bethany for a little while. I'm so so glad I read that book for sociology. Most of the test was over it, so if I hadn't read it, that would've been an automatic F. The final didn't take long since it was just like a regular test. I finished it up and met up with Marlene, Katherine, and Chance for lunch at Antonio's. We went back to Marlene's room and I watched a little tv before passing out. I kept waking up though. Heather stopped by for a little while. I'm supposed to hang out with her some before I leave, but I was out of it today. I finally got up around 10pm so I could take Katherine home. I'm finally back in my room and I need to find some time during the night. I'm set for logic, but I need to get on it for geography.
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