Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I left my room around 8am to go get a little studying done before my logic final. I went to the Harrington computer lab and studied there. Then I just ended up playing mind sweeper, surfing the internet, and drawing on the Smartboard. I really want to get me one of those. I went to take my final and finished 14 of the 15 problems in about 45 minutes, but could NOT figure out the last one for some reason. After another 40 minutes or so of sitting there, I made up my own proof and called it a day. I met up with Marlene and Katherine for lunch. Like yesterday I ended up crashing in Marlene's room. At least that's two days in a row that I've gotten a good day's sleep. Now it's time to work on geography. This will definately be my hardest final.
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