Monday, May 30, 2005

I started out work today as a cashier, but stuff happened between some people and they got sent home. After that I got moved to foodrunner. When I got over to that position it was about 15 tickets up. It was constant running for awhile after that, but it was good training. In between I decided to do a little bussing just to complete the cycle on the day. After work I realized that Robek's called me about an interview. I went there, but the manager had already left. The workers told me that they definately wanted to offer me a job. Hopefully I'll be working at Pei Wei and Robek's next week. Q was having a little bbq at his place so I headed over there to chill. I felt loved because Mrs. Smith introduced me as part of the family :D. The food was delicious and there was Dave Chapelle playing on the tv for entertainment. After all the other younger people left I completely crashed on their couch. I was awoken around 6 cuz Q was about to leave to go hoop at UH. I came home then remembered I had to go feed Olivia's pets. I did that and now I'm just waiting to workout.
hehehe, i knew you'd fall asleep. ^_^ and yah, mrs. smith is really nice.
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