Sunday, May 01, 2005

I watched some of the Denver vs SA game then got tired of that since Denver was sucking it up. I switched to America's Funniest Home Videos for a little while. After that it was time to hit up the commons for another long night of pool. Stephen and I started a new series tonight. We played 32 games and I took the lead 19-13. THe last few games we seemed like we were drunk though from how much we were laughing. Most of it because of a few lines from a drunk guy who was playing on the table next to us. After the games we decided to see how many rails we could get the cue ball to bounce off of. Then we tried to make the cue ball bounce off the table and into one of the pockets. Then it was time to try to make the cue ball masse. That didn't work too well. Luckily we both had graphite sticks. We got done with that and decided to hit up the ping pong. I hadn't played since freshman year but still did pretty good. I had forgotten how much you can sweat while playing ping pong. But it was all good. Next time we gone have to try out the foos ball. Now I wonder what I'll do since I'm not tired because the ping pong got my energy flowing.
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