Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Somehow I managed to stay up last night and actually study for my final and get some packing done. I left my room a little after noon to go sell my books back before my final. I think I did alright, but it was one of those tests where I'm just not sure. But it's over and I'm very glad it is. I finished up around 2pm and then my day got a little rough. For the next five hours I was moving stuff. First I moved my stuff into Katherine's that I didn't need to bring back to Houston. That included lugging my refrigerator down four flights of stairs and I don't know how far to the car. After that we made 2 trips moving Marlene's things into her house. Then it was back to get my stuff to come to Houston. I don't know how everything fit, but it did. We ate at McDonalds before heading out of town. We left about 8pm meaning I had been up for about 22 hours. That doesn't make for a very nice trip. I stopped once in Hempstead because my knee was bothering me for some reason. We got in and unloaded most of the stuff. I should've gone to bed, but no. I showered and Q came and picked me up to head over to the UH game room and hang out with a bunch of people up there. Now I should really be asleep, but of course I had to hook my computer up first. I wonder if I'll actually wake up tomorrow to go to Thelma's tomorrow.
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