Monday, June 06, 2005

I got up today and went and worked my first shift. I'm really enjoying working at Pei Wei, everybody there is so cool. After work I had to go pick up Monica from Intercontinental. I had to circle around a couple times because she couldn't find her way out of terminal e. She actually ended up coming out in the area for drop offs, but oh well. We went and got my books from the HCC main campus then stopped and got some wings from this little place. The wings and fried rice were very good. We got home and I rested for about 5 minutes then headed back to work for my second shift. I was a foodrunner tonight, which isn't bad, but I prefer cashier. I got off a little early and planned to just come home, change, and go to 24. But no, Monica got me watching Hell's Kitchen, which was just hilarious, so I couldn't leave. I finally left when it was over and stopped by the Y to see who was there. Aubrey was there so I chilled until they closed then went to 24. Pang was finishing up when I got there so I chatted with him some before starting my workout. I did a pull workout, which went by quick since I was by myself. I left and stopped by Aubrey and Alyssa's since their parental units were out of town. Got to see Kristen who I hadn't seen in a couple years, so that was cool. Now I'm home and hungry. Pork Chops or Wings? I guess whatever I see first.
lol are you gonna let me eat at Pei Wei when i come back? hehehe. i miss you!! hope you got my email. - rose
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