Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I got up today and went to meet the owner of Robek's. Now all I have to do is go back in and do all the paper work. Work was going well today until I found out I had to close. I thought I was getting off at 9pm, but no. When I figured that out, I just wasn't in a good mood the rest of the night. I hurried and was able to close by 9:45pm. I rushed to the Y for our games. We were down 13 when I got there. I went in on pure adrenaline and got us back into and even into the lead briefly. But I wasn't in shape to keep up that level of play the whole game and it showed. We lost that game, but it was fun. In the second game my shot was nowhere to be found. We lost that one as well, but only by 4, plus I got a dunk in. I shocked myself when I got it because my legs had been dead for awhile. Monica taped Hell's Kitchen for me so I got to watch that. It's a really good show, everybody should watch. Now I got caught up watching the replay of tonights NBA Finals game even though I know the outcome. I guess I just wanted to see the Spurs get beat. I should really be asleep now, so therefore this game needs to hurry up and end.
I knew it. I KNEW it. I KNEW IT!!!..Im sorry, but Im glad u were able to close 15 min early..But again, I knew it. Better luck next time.
go to sleep ho!
what's robek's?
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