Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I got up today and worked my usual morning shift. It was busier than usual today, but we got through it cleanly. I came home and rested before getting up to go to dinner with Becky. We went to this little place called Texas Hamburger Palace, and it was very good. I'll definately have to go back. We called Greg and he met us there since he was right around the corner at CCC. We hung out there until around 8pm. I went to Pei Wei because I felt like some spring rolls. When I got there they were just as busy as during the lunch rush, but they weren't handling it as well. My manager asked me if I could work so I told him I could. Once again I came in and saved the day. I even ended up closing, which lasted until 10:30pm today. After that I went to pick-up Monica from work. While waiting for her to come out I realized that I never got my spring rolls. That sucked. Now I'm home and was finally able to eat the Pappadeaux that my momma bought earlier. Now as usual I'm up watching the Simpson's when I need to be asleep.
haha, yay for super-matthew, saving the pei wei day! :D

funny that you forgot your spring rolls (even if it did suck, sowwie).

sleeeeeep! (it's fun, i promise!)
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