Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It was a great game. The refs missed a crucial goal-tending call, but what can you do about it? But the Suns just don't have a team yet. They have 2 great players and some good, but inconsistent players. Plus they don't have a center yet. Amare played most of the second half by himself. Just an unstoppable force. But I'm not trying to take anything away from the Spurs, they played great ball. I can't wait to see how the Suns come out next year though. They'll be back and this time with more experience.
OH MAN!! i caught the last 8 min and like 34 sec, at 24 hour fitness, and i was going to go swimming after i ran but i couldn't swim because i couldn't stop running (because i watch espn while i run)!! amare was on fire! he was sooo good! and i saw the recaps of some of his great blocks (not all from this game?? i couldn't be sure) and i saw his assist for nash and then his next quasi-dunk (or was it a full dunk? i wasn't sure) and it was sooo great! i like the spurs AND the suns, so these games were hard for me to watch, but i think the spurs probably are a stronger TEAM. i just hope amare and nash get another chance (and i think they will) because they really deserve it.

(jackson's? three-pointer near the end was pretty good too. just a shame it didn't come sooner, and wasn't followed by more. i'd have loved to see games 6 and 7.)
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