Thursday, June 23, 2005

Same ole same ole.
Work, break, work.
Only good thing was that today during my break I went to get my tickets to the AND 1 Mixtape tour.

I think I came up a little too quick at Pei Wei. Now I've gotten cocky about everything so I don't work as hard as I used to. I mean, I still get my job done and everything, but I don't do the little things that I used to do. I let the other kids do that even though they've been there longer than I have. I can basically do anything the managers can do besides cook. Besides the 3 people that have been working there the longest and the managers, I'm the only one who will take over the to-go and dine-in windows. And the managers know I can do it so they let me be, yet they'll kick anybody else out of their way. I guess what I'm expecting now is a raise even though I haven't been there for a month. Hopefully I'll get one soon or I may have to punk them for another 50 hour week.

I have got to start saving. I bought a lottery ticket today and broke even. Hopefully I won't spend $500+ on lottery tickets this summer like I did last summer. But they're just so tempting.
You better not spend $500+ on lotter tickets, thats just a waste.If you must buy them try sticking to $2 a week on the lottery thats 2 lines for you to fill with numbers. Take Care.
yay for getting your and 1 tix! :D
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