Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday was a good day. I finally didn't have to go to work so I slept in until about 4pm. I got up and did some stuff around the house. Chatted long distance. Then it was off to soccer. It was only 5 of us, but it was still fun. After soccer we all headed over to Prince's. Greg, Q, and I sort of raced there and of course I won. Then about 5 minutes later Olivia and Kristan showed up. We ate there and watched the game. Greg, Olivia and I stayed until the end of the game around 11pm even though they closed at 10pm. I'll have to go back for free food soon.

Today was a good day for me. I just chose to be happy so I was in a good mood all day. Even when everything started going downhill at work I was the only one there who was able to remain in a good mood. During my break I brought Monica food then went to shoot pool with Pang. He started off hot, but I finally got it together and started playing how I know I can. The waitress there is getting to know us very well. We're turning into regulars, which means I'm spending too much money. I ended up closing for Amber so I was there until 10pm. I left, came home and changed, then went to workout. I needed too so I'm glad I was able to make myself.
YAY for soccer! YAY for prince's! and SUPER-YAY for your being in a good mood!! :D
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