Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Today just didn't turn out to be my day. My first shift was cool. No problems there. Then I came home for a little while, spent more money, then decided to go shoot pool with Pang. On my way out there the cavalier stalls at Westpark and the feeder. A couple guys out there help me push it off to the side. And that's where I waited for the next hour and fifteen minutes. That's how long it took before it finally started up again and stayed on more than 2 seconds. I got to work around 5pm and was not a very happy person. I got some food and just chilled until I got on at 5:30pm. I was originally scheduled to get off at 8pm, but I promised Justin earlier that I'd close for him so I was there until around 9:45pm. I'm so glad I have a job that I like or today would've been a lot worse. I left, but right before I got on the freeway I remembered that I'd left my drink container there so I turned around and went back for it. I finally got home and was in a terrible mood so I had to get out of the house. I met up with Sammie at Taco Cabana before heading way out Westheimer past the beltway to that Slick Willie's out there. I was there until a little after 1:30am, which means once again I wasted too much money. When I left there I called Rose to wish her a happy birthday. HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY, ROSE!! I talked to her before she had to go to class then just blasted music the rest of the way home. Now I'm not in the mood to sleep, but I need to get this day over with.
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