Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today just summed up my work week. I was supposed to work from 12pm-4pm, but was there until 9:30pm. Why? Because I feel I'm desperate for money, even though I'm not that in need of money. I DON'T have to pay off my credit card all right now. It'd be nice, but it's really not that crucial. But the hours keep offering themselves to me so I keep taking them. They'll be mad at me at Pei Wei for hitting over 50 hours, but who cares. I'll just try to do it again, and if they stop me then I'll welcome the break. After being on my feet for over 9 hours I expected to just pass out tonight, but of course I haven't. I should've known better. Well tomorrow's a new week so I'll go out and just do what I do and hope to make it out on top.
it would be smart to pay off your credit card all right now

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