Thursday, June 16, 2005

Today was just long. I got to work around 11:45am and worked until 4pm. I left, but then figured it'd be a waste to go home, so I just swung by Prince's for a milkshake then went back to Pei Wei to eat. I clocked back in at 5pm and did cashier, foodrunner, and busser tonight. Oh well, money is money. I got off a little after 10pm and came home ready to crash. But of course I didn't. My meal at Pei Wei was the only meal I've had today besides some tostito's chips that I ate tonight. But my stomach has become smaller so I'm not even hungry. That's sad. I really need to get breakfast tomorrow, then it'll be a good day.
Can i kick it! Can i kick it! Well im gone...
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