Saturday, June 11, 2005

Work had me upset yesterday. I had no help out on the floor. But oh well, I got through it and it's over with.

Today I had to get up at 8am to go to my chem lab at 9am. It sucks cuz it was way out I-10 past highway 6. I got there and it was boring at first, but once everybody started talking and getting to konw each other it was cool. I was in a group with Michelle and Beth. Michelle is a former Aggie so that was cool. We just did a basic lab to get to know the equipment and then we left. I came home then left shortly after to go eat breakfast at IHOP with Sammie. When I got back my momma had found me a calling card so I purchased it online and used up about half of it. Then I passed out into a very deep sleep. My momma woke me up at 5pm to eat and get ready for work. Work was cool tonight. I had fun working with James. I technically was off the clock at 10pm, but I stuck around until almost 10:40 because they had Ashley and Jaime closing, both of which are new. I helped them out then met up with Q, Greg, and PJ at the Palace. Tonight was just my night. I started off with 4 straight strikes (before throwing a gutter ball in the fifth frame). I got 9 pins on that frame and surprisingly it was my only open frame. I finished with 213, while nobody else got over a 100. In the second game Q gave me a run for my money. We were tied a few times, but he was never able to take the lead. I ended that game with a 166 to trump his 158. We took off after that. Q and I took turns blasting music while flying down Holcomb. We swung by Ding's for a minute and now I'm home. I'm not tired now because I got my nap. And for once I don't have to worry about going to bed because I don't have work tomorrow. I guess that's good and bad. I need the rest, but making money is always good.
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