Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yesterday was a very long day for me. I got up around 8am to take Monica out to intercontinental. I got back around 10am, but had to stay up, because if I took a nap I wouldn't wake up for work at 11:30am. I got to work and it was BUSY. There was a line stretching all the way down the store and around the corner and that was when all of our tables were already full. I got through that and also picked up a shift for that night. I got off work at 2:30pm then headed to 24 with Ding. I got my workout in, hurried home and showered, then rushed back to Pei Wei. I got there around 4:45pm and had 15 minutes to eat before I started my second shift. The night started off slow, which was a good thing because a grease fire started in two of the woks. Those were some pretty big flames. It set the fire alarm off and had the fire departments on all the lines. It took them a little while, but they finally got it out. Luckily there were only two customers in the restaurant at the time. The rest of the night was just as busy as lunch time. Except I was a foodrunner at night so I had to be moving all around instead of just standing in one place cashiering like during lunch. But I made it through the night and only burned myself a couple of times. The pad thai dish is way too hot. I got a lot of practice carrying 3 plates though, so that was good. I got off work and came home and showered since I told Q I'd go to the Kappa party. I got ready and met him at his place about 10pm. All the construction screwed us over there. After 30 minutes of driving around we were 5 minutes from where we started. We finally got in the right area we were looking for only to drive around aimlessly for awhile before asking and finding out that the club we were looking for had been closed for about a year and a half. After some searching and getting more gas for Charles we found out where the place was and made it there around 11:30pm. At least it was only $7. It would've been $5 before 11pm, but there was no way we were making it there by 11pm after trying to get around the construction. The music was on point, but most of the girls out there were dancing in their sorority lines. We finally left around 1:45am and went to IHOP only to get there and have Charles and Ballz tell us the plans had changed and we were going to Chachos. Chachos is definately the spot to be after going clubbin. Q didn't really wanna be there though so I got my food to go. I got home a little after 3am and watched some Simpson's before finally crashing.

I got up at 11am today, had breakfast then headed off to work. I'm glad it didn't get too busy because I was exhausted. I can tell they like me and trust me now, because from 3pm to 4pm I was the only cashier there, so I had to work the dine-in, and to-go customers, plus the window. I was supposed to get off at 4pm, but somebody had ordered a bulk order worth about $450, so I stuck around and helped out since it would've been Amber by herself if I didn't. I got off and came to help Alvin move some things to his new apartment. It was just a few boxes today, tomorrow it'll be the bigger stuff. Now I just really want to take a nap, but I doubt I'd wake up for awhile if I did. Maybe I'll just watch some more Simpson's episodes.
holeeee shit!
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