Monday, August 29, 2005

First day of classes for me are done with. I had spanish first, which seems like it will go well. I hope so since I really want to learn the language, but that's going to be up to me to make myself study outside of class. Next up I have government, which is going to be boring to me, just because it doesn't interest me. But I just need to make sure I keep up with the readings. After government I had a break, which I will use as an early lunch for me most days. Either that or a power nap. Today I ate and chatted before heading off to one of my math classes. This one is mainly about proofs, which shouldn't be bad since I took logic last semester. We actually started going over work in there, but everything we went over I had done in logic so I was happy. Now I need to study or rest. Probably rest then study. But either way it was a good first day of classes.
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