Friday, August 26, 2005

I got up today and had my eye appointment. It went well. The doctor was cool even though I told her I never take my contacts out. It was some slight swelling in my eyes, but nothing a night without my contacts wouldn't fix. Speaking of that, I should go take my contacts out now. I got my eyes dilated so I had to wear my sunglasses the rest of the day. After my appointment I went to sharper image since it was right there and spent a little money. I came home and watched some tv after that. I couldn't really be on my computer cuz the light from it was giving me a headache. Monica and Marlene brought me home some food so I ate that and a little later went to workout at UH with Ding and his friend Ian. It feels good to workout. I'll definately have to do more of it this year. I ended up meeting some people at Tan Tan after that, then we all went back to Olivia's where we ended up watching Sin City. Good movie with good company. Always a good time. Now I'll try to head to bed soon so I can maybe start getting back on a decent sleeping schedule.
haha, i need to take care of my eye stuff too...

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