Saturday, August 13, 2005

I opened this morning, which wasn't bad. I got to play Justin so I made an extreme amount of the to-go sauces and to-go bags. It made the time go by faster. I got all my Pei Wei gear today, my favorite being the shirt with my name on it though. The chef's hat is pretty damn pimp as well. I stuck around after I got off then went to eat at Prince's with Nadia. That was cool even if she did get obsessed with making prank calls at one point. After I dropped her back off at work I headed to college station. I always seem to have a not so great ride up there and end up blasting my music and killing my ear drums. I got there and picked up Marlene and then Askia then we headed over to Lindsay's and chilled over there for a little while. Watched some tv and rested a little while over there. We left and got Sonic on the way out of town. Good thing there weren't too many cops out today. I made good timing both ways. We dropped Askia off then came home. I've been tired since before I left for college station, but I'm still up for some reason. I played around on Marlene's new laptop, which is nice. Not good enough for me, but still nice. I think I'll actually head to bed early tonight. And hopefully I'll actually make it to my bed and not pass out in the hallways like I usually do nowadays.

I could really use a massage.
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