Monday, August 08, 2005

I worked more than I'd planned to yesterday morning, but that just meant that I got off earlier last night. In between Porter bought my lunch for closing the foodrunner station down the other night. We got hit real hard for a short period last night. So hard that they started stacking plates on top of each other in my window because there was nowhere for them to go. But I was in chill mode so I never got stressed out and just did my thing. After I got off work I came home and changed then went to meet Q, Ding, and Joel at 24. It felt good being back in the gym. And my Nike dri-fit shirt that I had on game me extra strength. When done working out Ding, Q, and I raced to subway and got some food then went over to Ding's to watch The Untouchables, which was a pretty good movie. Better than I'd thought it'd be after hearing what it was about. Then I got some news that I'm not sure what to say about, but we'll see where it goes.

Let's do the damn thing.
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