Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Today was a good day. I worked the lunch shift and got some extra time in. It seems that every week I don't plan on getting 40 hours I get more. I don't know how, but I'm not complaining. Porter ran food for me today so he earned some points back with me. Will had two early mistakes so he lost even more points. And Jamie...well I just don't like him. When I got off I headed up to Pershing to drop some stuff off in my momma's room before heading home. I ended up taking a nap even though I wasn't tired. I got up and ate the rest of my baby back ribs from Applebee's. Went to work and clocked in early as usual then stood around and did nothing for awhile before actually doing some work. We got busy for a little while, but everybody helped everybody out tonight so it went smoothly. It turned into a great night at one point because I PISSED Jamie off. He was UPSET. And I loved it. I took my time closing tonight to counter act them cutting me early on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which I know they'll do. It's all good though. I may stop working there sooner than planned because I've basically done all I needed to do there. I feel I have nothing left to accomplish at this Pei Wei. The managers are all too young so I don't see them as being above me and therefore don't listen to them because I can do their job as well or better than them. I'll make a decision soon whether to stop now or hold out until the end of summer.
Say negro you better be having some fun over there in the states because im havin a blast just CHILLIN. quit with all that sad and angry stuff, come on playa do like mariah 'no stress no fights im makin the most of life'. stay down ill be back soon. peace!

_you better know who this is pei wei!
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