Friday, August 05, 2005

Today was a long day, but indeed it was fun. I woke up later than planned so I missed breakfast. I hit the road a little after 10pm and made my way to College Station. There wasn't much traffic so I made good timing. I got to campus and picked up Marlene and Askia then we went back to Marlene's house to get her stuff. We left a littl later than planned because I started watching Static Shock and had to finish it. We got back into town and went to Frenchy's to get some food. Always a good choice, even though the lady messed up our order some. Then I dropped them off and hurried back to get to dance class. It turns out it's the same teacher that taught the hip hop class I went to earlier this summer, so I was prepared for a workout. It was a private lesson for Pujan, Efrain and I, which was pretty cool. We learned a short routine and a few things to practice. It was supposed to be an hour or hour and a half, but we were there from 3:00pm until about 5:15pm. Even though I had work at 5:30pm. Al, the instructor, said we could come in Saturday afternoons and use the studio if we wanted for practice so we may try to do that a couple times before summer ends. I left and hurried to work. I was a little late, but who cares. I have more than enough hours this week. Work wasn't bad tonight. It wasn't too busy, but it wasn't too slow. It was a good amount of people. I got off and stuck around some. Ended up getting some free food. Then for some reason Will cut eric early even though he was the closing food runner. I ended up closing it and Porter offered me a free lunch so I'll probably take him up on that Sunday. After I finished I helped Amanda finish closing down the cashier area since I have to open that tomorrow.

Things just aren't the same anymore. I guess they're not supposed to be. Fuck it.
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