Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well summer must be winding down because today was my last day at work. I worked the morning shift, which went by smoothly. They had a new girl, Thida, working, so I helped train her some. She seems pretty cool, even though she needs to smile more. I stuck around after my shift and watched Porter cook me a Pei Wei Spicy, then I actually got to cook a chicken lettuce wrap. It wasn't so easy, but I did it. While eating I got a chance to get to know Thida better and also the new M.I.T., Margaret. My momma called me so I picked her up then she dropped me back off at work. I ended up bussing tonight since somebody couldn't make it and they needed someone to help out, and that's how I do. The top bosses came in again along with some executive chefs tonight, but everything went well so that was good. Shorty cooked up some fajitas tonight, which were delicious. But as the night went on I became more and more sad. I couldn't believe it was my last day working there. For the past 2 1/2 months Pei Wei has been my second home and the co-workers there my second family. I'm going to miss everybody there so much. I closed the food runner station, which was my area most of the time, one last time before taking off.

I had low expectations for this summer, but it still turned out to be a great one.

Another summer I won't forget.
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