Thursday, August 04, 2005

Work went real smooth this morning. And that's a good thing since Loc was there. After the lunch shift I stuck around and ate with Amanda. All I can say is she's a fool. But she's cool. After that I ran by the bank then just headed to Pershing to pick my momma up. Then I got me a short nap in before the dinner shift. I was bussing tonight with Carlos, which can be one of the easier jobs since he's so good. But I busted my ass the same trying to make his night a little easier. When Sergio left I took over the dine-in window. Things went good until about 9:15pm when I just got hit hard for some unkown reason. But it came and went. I closed and got out of there after taking some more crispy wontons and sugar.

I should be asleep by now since I have to get up in the morning and drive to College Station to pick up Marlene and Askia. Then come back and go to a dance class then go to work right after that. Tomorrow should be a long day, but if I get some sleep tonight it should be a fun one.
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