Monday, August 01, 2005

Yesterday I went and picked QG up from Pei Wei and we went to James Avery because she wanted a ring, then we went to Tan Tan for lunch. Last night I ended up at Celebration Station with Grace and Olivia. We played putt putt, which I won :D then I watched them play a shooting game that kept trying to take our tokens. After that Grace played DDR and I was impressed. When that was over we went to Tap House. We had to leave there because they were closing, but we stayed in the parking lot for a long time afterwards just talking. Olivia left first because she had work in the morning, but Grace and I stayed and did donuts in the parking lot for a little bit before flying down Bellaire. Fun times. Got home and chatted for a little bit before passing out on the floor. I was going to sleep in my momma's bed since she's still out of town, but then realized I couldn't because of a certain reason.

Marlon woke me up this morning on his way to work so I could move to our room, but I didn't get up then. About 30 minutes later Monica woke me up to do the same and I finally did. Around 2:45pm Marlene called me and that woke me up. I thought about going back to sleep, but decided not to. I got up and started calling people about going to dinner tonight. We ended up at The Olive Garden. It took awhile before we got seated, but that was no problem. I miss just hanging out with old friends, having good conversations, joking around, being the big kids that we are. We ordered two things of calamari and I ordered soup, plus the breadsticks. Therefore I was full before I got my spaghetti and meatballs. I ate about half then took the rest to go. We all stood outside talking some more before finally leaving. A few of us ended up at blockbuster and then Olivia's house. We rented The Punisher, which was pretty damn good. We almost didn't get to see the end of it because the copy of the dvd we had was messed up and wouldn't play a few chapters. Luckily it was still a little before midnight so we headed back to blockbuster to get another copy. They were out of the ones they rent, but the guy gave us one out of the previously viewed copies that they sell. We finished the movie, which I may watch again before taking back, and then went our separate ways. Now I've been talking online since I've been home, even though I should be asleep right now.

This was a great weekend. I really needed this time off and I'm very glad I got it. I may have to do it more often.
aww, i wish i could have gone!! pooey on being sick. >(
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