Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Yesterday was a good day for some reason. I'm not sure why, nothing special happened, it was just a good day. And I'll take as many of those as I can get. I worked the lunch shift, which seemed slow, but really wasn't. I guess that's how it goes when you're over there in the cashier area. But I prefer being out and moving around anyways. It sucks when you have nothing to do. That's when it gets boring. During the night shift the weather wasn't so great for most of the night so dine-in was slow all night. The to-go area was slow for most of the night, but then everybody started calling in and walking in for to-go orders once 2 people got cut. That left me, Sergio, and QG trying to answer both phones, run the to-go window and take dine-in and to-go customers. It was fun though, I finally got some good experience in the to-go window, which I hadn't done too much for most of the summer. I ended up staying and helping QG close for the extra hour of work. Then I stuck around and talked to her until her ride came. I was almost home when Q called to see if I wanted to go see Wedding Crashers with some people so I turned around and met him, Jana, Candace, Lalla, Kendahl, and Margaret at Edwards. That movie was ridiculous, but hilarious.

I finally gave my computer a night off. It really needed it. The fan kept running for awhile after my computer had shut down, which can't be a good sign.

Late Registration drops today so I must go get it soon.
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