Tuesday, September 20, 2005

After class today, I finally did what I've needed to do all along. I worked in a study group for math. This class has beaten me twice before. One more time and I'm out for the count. It was very helpful though, so hopefully we'll do it regularly. I hit up the rec and did a leg workout and played a little volleyball with Miral and Marlene. Tonight I went down to shoot some pool. I actually got a chance to use one of my trick shots in a game. I called it, but nobody believed me. All I heard was, 'no way,' 'you're crazy,' 'hell naw.' But I hit it and it was beautiful. I did my victory lap around the pool room while the others sat stunned for a couple minutes.

Looks like I may be headed to Dallas this weekend if Rita keeps the course they're predicting.
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