Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Classes were good for the most part today. The problems at the end of Math 221 were a little challenging, but that's good. After class I went and got a good leg and ab workout in with Greg. I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow. I came back to my room and ate then just crashed. I didn't get up when Katherine called me to go study, but shortly after I somehow made myself get up and go. We studied some then went to Silver Taps. I finally got to shoot some pool tonight. I was a little rusty, but that's okay, because I still ended the night with a winning percentage. I was only supposed to be down there for a little while, but ended up staying a couple hours. I've got to work on that. I came back and did my Math 220 homework and now I'll try to get some rest.

I gave blood today and I don't think the guy knew what he was doing too well. I've NEVER had a problem giving blood, but this guy couldn't seem to get the needle right in my vein. And I have huge veins. He sticks it in and nothing happens so for the next five minutes he's moving the needle around in my arm, in and out, side to side and blood is still barely coming out. He finally gets it to start working decently, but it still took a lot longer than it normally does.

Gotta keep it going.
GO MATT GO!! ^_^
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