Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Classes were slow yesterday. But after them I hit up the mall. I went to champs and got me 2 new pairs of shoes. I had to order one pair though so hopefully they'll be in by friday. Then I found out about this store Steve and Barry's. It's a university sportswear store so they have stuff from over 100 university's. But then on top of that it's like a mini old navy. EXCEPT, everything is under $10. I ended up getting 4 polo's and 4 bottoms for $70. Somehow I forgot to get stuff to clean my shoes with though. I can't believe that. Cuz one pair I got is all white and you know I can't have those getting dirty. After shopping I hit up the rec and got a push workout in. Then it was a lazy night for me. I can't afford too many of those.

Today I got up early to try to go get our tickets for the football game, but Greg hadn't had his sports pass activated so I ended up gong with Katherine before our INST class to get them. Spanish was boring again today. I need a better teacher. I was up for half of INST, but that's just not my class. I was happy with my grades that I got back in Math 221. They surprised me, but that's good. I'm still struggling in there though. Tonight I met Greg at the rec and we ended up just playing basketball. First we ran the Tulane basketball team off the court then kept it going for the next 2 hours before losing our last game that we barely tried in cuz nobody had any energy left. Now I'll have to try to find a way to study and do some homework before classes tomorrow.
Where exactly is Steve and Barry's? You know me and directions, so you have to be specific..especially since im from h-town...But I love new things, so I wanna check it out when I come up to CS within the next 2 weeks. Sorry about my abrupt attitude the other night...I still hate "whatever"..bye
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