Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I have been severely out stunted when it comes to my cell phone. It makes me sad. But on the other hand I have my job at Pei Wei here so I can start making a little extra money and saving up for my next phone. They open on October 17th, so that date needs to hurry up and get here.

This weekend threw me off so this week has been downhill as far as school goes. I need something to grab onto to stop my fall.
by what phone did you get outstunted, and dont come to houston cuz i got the black razr son
The Audiovox PPC-6600, 1 gig memory stick, Microsoft Pocket Streets 2005 comming TOMORROW!
Ballin Is A Habit, NOT A Hobby!
pei wei!! ^_^ so they did finally get their sh*t together? cooool!

how are you, my dear matthew? i feel like i haven't spoken to you in FOREVER!!! -_-, you should send me an email or something, since i'm not on aim still.

*hug* miss you!
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