Monday, September 05, 2005

I woke up at 9am today to the sound of my roommates alarm clock. I got up, rushed to get ready, and hurried to class. Somehow I made it on time to Spanish at 9:10am. My Spanish teacher is too unorganized for me. It's making me not learn. Anyways, I actually stayed up and took a few notes in government today, so that was good. I had my lunch from Zatarain's today. The jumbalaya and dirty rice were okay, but the red beans and rice were no good. After lunch I headed to math 220, which is still going good. I just gotta make sure I do the homework. After class I was going to wait around for Greg to go to the rec at 5pm, but I got bored so I went around 3pm. I got a good upper body push workout in. Then I stepped on the basketball court for the first time in a couple months. I ended up running 3 games and went 3-0. But I did suffer a busted lip and a bruised calf. Now everytime I take a step it hurts. Paula called me around 6pm and we went and got dinner in the commons then headed back to her room to read. I hate that I can read in anybody else's room, but not mine. I guess my bed is just too comfortable. Reading INST is boring, so after I finished I took a 30 minute power nap. I got up and we had our floor meeting then our hall meeting. Both boring, but there was free food at the hall meeting, which is always a good thing. Deanna was supposed to help me with math so I met her over Lindsay's tonight. She tried, but as I suspected she couldn't quite help me. At least not in helping me figure out the problems. But it did finally force me to sit down and think about them. I think if I was trying to study on my own I would've given up, but since I wasn't I went through I don't know how many possibilities in my head before figuring out how to solve them. At one point I even pulled out 2 pencils and 2 pens and used 3 of them for a 3D-space and the other one for my vector so I could visualize what the problem was supposed to look like. Lindsay fed me again while I was over. It's so nice to have big sister's around, real and pretend. But now I think I may call it a night early. I don't want to almost oversleep again. It's no fun rushing in the morning and missing breakfast. Although it was good in a way. Hmmm, maybe I'll try it again wednesday. Missing breakfast, not oversleeping.
im matt im studying, im matt im studying
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