Thursday, September 08, 2005

I woke up late again today, but everything worked out. After spanish I met up with Katherine to go to INST. I wasn't feeling that class so I didn't pay much attention. We ate at McDonald's today. We went outside and Katherine napped while I finshed my Math 221 hw. Math 221 wasn't bad today. It's moving fast and it's a lot to keep up with, so it's definately not going to be easy. We had some in class problems at the end of class that he said were easy, yet just about everybody was still there after class was over. About 7 of us had to go chasing him down the hall to turn in our problems because he left before us. After class I ate and watched some tv before taking a nap. I got up to go workout with Greg. We did a pull workout that will have me sore again tomorrow. I somehow did a ab workout even though mine were still sore. Now I need to study some tonight and try to stay on schedule.
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