Friday, October 07, 2005

I finally called T-mobile to find out when exactly my contract was up and they told me it was already up. I couldn't believe it. They offered me a new phone and 400 extra anytime minutes, but since they don't have a phone I want, I had to pass. Now it's time to go sprint, which means I really need to start working. Looks like I may have to pass on the ATL this time.

It was a long night, but I got through it and actually got studying done. I went and wrote my spanish composition already. It wasn't as great as I would've liked for it to have been, but it was good considering the circumstances. Now I just hope I can stay up until my math test. If I fall asleep then I lose and I may as well go home now. But I won't, cuz I can't lose. Not this time.
sobre que fue tu composicion?
y para que ibas a atlanta?
yo tambien tengo que escribir una composicion en espanol- seis a ocho paginas de analisis sobre la "conciencia americana" que aparece en los escritos de los escritores hispanoamericanos. tengo miedo :P
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