Sunday, October 30, 2005

I woke up today and had to get dressed up to go to Marlene's induction into Kappa Delta Pi, the educational hall of fame or something of that matter. Except I didn't really have any dress shoes, so I had to pull out my black K-swiss to go with my outfit. I was surprised at how well the combination worked out though. I'll have to wear it again one day. After we finished I just got dropped off at work cuz I didn't feel like riding my bike there. I sat in Pei Wei and just watched some stuff on my phone and searched the internet until it was time for me to clock in. I love my phone. Work seemed to be going by fast at first, but then got long all of a sudden. I was talking to my general manager, Jaime, about the ice situation, since the machine wasn't really making ice. I told her I thought we could make it since we only had an hour left. It was then that she told me we had two hours left and that the clock I had been looking at all night never got changed for daylight savings time. I couldn't believe it and was ready to just pass out. It was the trainers last day, so they won't be back, which means I'll have to stay on all of these rookies myself to keep them on task. Well Greg is actually staying so that helps some. And he brought me a movie with some crazy martial arts moves, so I'll have to check that out soon. After work I decided not to find a ride and just walk home for the exercise. I started walking and realized that it'd take forever, so I decided to jog back to my dorm. I started jogging and immediately wanted to stop since I was still in my Pei Wei uniform of black pants, a long sleeve black shirt, my apron and boots. Plus I was carrying a bag that had my clothes and shoes in it from earlier. The whole time I was running I kept thinking that everybody who saw me must have thought that I just robbed some place. Somehow I made it all the way back to my dorm without stopping. It's about 2 1/2 miles, so I was pleased with myself.

I have no clue where I'm going in life right now, but I talked to Jaime about becoming a trainer and she said she'd talk to the regional director for me. It couldn't hurt to look into it.
get a degree and then do whatever the hell you want. Just get it over with so u dont have to come back to it later
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