Sunday, October 23, 2005

I've just been off in another world these past few weeks. I know they happened, but I don't remember much about them. School has just been blah. It hit me hard this past thursday that I'm going nowhere here and not getting very much out of being here. Training at Pei Wei was fun. I actually studied for that test cuz I had to remain the best. Our first week open was crazy busy. A line out the door everyday. But all that business meant plenty of hours for me to work. I ended up with just under 51 hours for the week, with almost half of them coming today and yesterday. I remembered this weekend that I have bad ankles, so they're killing me now after standing for so long. But at least I got 3 free meals out of this weekend. And today I got to do some of everything. First one of the cashiers had to go figure out something they messed up on, so I got to hop on the cash register for a little while. Then later my GM asked me to run the outside expo window while she took a break. Good memories.

Now I gotta switch my mind back into school mode during the day, but I think I'm also going to grind it out 7 days a week at Pei Wei so I've a lot to deal with. Maybe this will get me on a regular schedule. I hope so. But I'm just trying to make it through this semester and then we'll go from there. Where I'll be? I have no idea yet. What I want to do? I have no clue. But I have faith that something will work out in the end.
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