Saturday, December 31, 2005

I almost screwed myself over by not going out tonight. But QG called me so I met up with her at Sugar Mountain Creamery for hot dogs and ice cream. Then I headed over to Q's and we ended up at the Grasshopper with Oren, Kristan, Angie, Olivia, Sandra, and Katie. Lots of fun. Even though everybody lost half their hearing, it was good times. Afterwards we ended up at IHOP, which surpringly we haven't done this break. Well Q and I did last night, but it's not the same as when a big group goes.

Tomorrow's a new day. I've got to keep looking forward and just try to take things day by day. It ain't gone be easy, but it's time to step up.
DUDE!! i can't believe you almost didn't come?! it was sooo much fun, i'm so glad you did.

(thanks again for helping me out, since ding was apparently not on the job :P)
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