Monday, January 09, 2006

We finally made it to Tan Tan the other night. It was crazy busy when we got there. It was the first time I'd seen it when they had the whole restaurant open. It was also the first time I ate my whole meal and was still hungry. Afterwards I went to pick Monica up, then met up with Ding, PJ, and Jessica at UH for some pool. I had a crappy night, but it was still fun. Ef and Olivia showed up after work. We ended the night at Ruchi's, another place i hadn't been in forever. I'm spending way too much money, but I figure that'll stop when school starts up.

Today was a rest day. I missed out on soccer because I didn't have a vehicle :-I finally put my desk together moved my computer, so hopefully I'll be able to get some work done without the distraction of the tv.

I've got a lot of studying to do the next two days, so I can take my final early. It's gonna be hard, but it must be done so I can make it to Dallas for my granny's funeral. I want this A. And if I'm going to get it then I need some sleep, so goodnight.
haha, IHOP, tan tan, and ruchi's. looks like you hit up all the necessities. ;)

sorry you didn't make it to soccer. i wish i'd known earlier, i would have tried to go get you! :/

good luck with the test/class!! gooo matthew!
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