Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Yesterday turned out to be a good day. And I needed it. I ended up rolling the rest of my coins and helping Marlon roll his. I had $200 and he had $158. I weighed them out and the total was 40.5lbs. Therefore it sucked carrying the bag down to the car. But getting the cash was nice, even though Marlon and I just gave the money to Momma.

I took Marlene to Pilgrim Day care for some training then went to visit my grandmother for a little bit. Afterwards I went and ate at Pei Wei and got the new schedule. I don't like it. Then I met Ding at GNC where I spent way too much money. This stuff better work. The Pump Fuel tastes like shit, but the Amplify wasn't bad at all. I actually wanted to make another smoothie with it, but made myself pass on it.

Got a good workout in at 24. I love squats, but hate deadlifts because my posture sucks so I'm just hoping not to mess up my back. Then yelling at myself for motivation during abs. It was funny, but it seemed to work.

For once I didn't let myself eat late at night. I wonder if it'll help anything.
Happy birthday Monica! :)
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