Monday, March 20, 2006

I had the day off today, which doesn't happen too often. It was very relaxing. I picked up Kristan and we met up with Ding at Tapioca House. I'm glad I got to see her before she left. Of course we had to play word dojo, but the highest score we got was only good enough for 2nd place. I blame it on the dirty screen. Afterwards I went to 24 hour fitness to get me a membership. In the back of my mind I already knew going in I was gonna get the 3 year membership, but I heard out the other options anyways. It sucks that you have to pay it all up front though. I didn't want to give up my credit card when it was time to pay. I still don't believe it. But it'll be worth it. I came home and rested then got to watch all the shows I normally miss. Then I made myself go workout. CYS in under a month so I better get on the fast track to getting in shape if I wanna compete.

Spring break was fun. I'm glad I got out a little more. Made it out to Thelma's. Shot some pool. Saw some movies. But of course still while working everyday. Too bad every week can't be spring break. Or can it.....
yea i wish it could but no. wutz CYS?
I'm SO glad I got to see you!! I know it wasn't a completely substantial amount of time or anything, but you always make me smile. :)

Thanks for being my friend, even when I have a tendency to disappear. *hug*
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